Success Stories

In Elburgon, Kenya, Village Innovators conducted its first pilot test by investing in a team of a dozen young adults, university students, teachers, engineers, and politicians. They built a wind turbine in 3 days with $650 using local materials and talent.  The device now powers lights and computers in the local school.

In Kwa Kulomba, Kenya, Village Innovators invested in a team of Polytechnic students to install a solar power system for the girl’s dormitory, with lights to study at night and a security lamp.  They integrated and installed the solar panel, battery, controller, lights, and switches in 1 day, with less than $600.  

We have also piloted our work in Gulu, Uganda, where we worked in local schools, found new partners, and won support from district education officials. Students, teachers, innovators, and Peace Corps Volunteers in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania are getting involved.